Monkeying Around in the Moment

As I get older, perhaps a little bit of wisdom trickles into me and I can perceive life from a different perspective. When I was younger, I would try to look into the future, searching for signs and messages to prepare me for what awaited me in the New Year. If I saw what I thought was a sign, I would assign specific meanings to the challenges that the omen predicted, in order to help me see a greater purpose unfolding in my life. I even decided that the first movie I saw in the New Year would represent the greatest experience that I would be given, and the second movie I saw would represent the greatest challenge I would face. Then I examined the astrological influences, and read the prophecies of other teachers and masters. All of these things I did simply to prepare myself and my workshop participants for what would come in the future.

Nowadays, I no longer worry about what the New Year holds, and I don’t look for omens and meanings, or read other people’s prophecies, because a few simple pearls of wisdom have finally become apparent to me:

  • The future never comes,
  • I am always alive now,
  • The future is not here now, and
  • I exist only in the present.

When you experience the present moment, life gets really interesting. Even though when you first become aware of it, there seems to be nothing of which to be aware. As a matter of fact, my initial experiences of the eternal moment were almost disappointing, as they seemed so flat and empty. I soon realized that my perception was still being influenced by expectations of what I believed should be happening. Eventually, a statement appeared in my heart that said: THIS is what is happening.

Expectation always brings its two buddies with it—disappointment and judgment. When you are looking for something in the moment, you generally get disappointment reflected back to you. You then judge the moment to be lacking what you need and send your mind searching into the future.

When I am free from all expectations about what I should be experiencing, and how I should be experiencing it, I can then release myself into the awareness of what life is offering. What at first seems empty reveals itself in such a subtle fashion that it seems to be coming from some great distance. Then it enters my awareness as a silent “presence” just behind everything my senses are taking in. Sometimes, a blissful thrill runs through me, but my mind is always quieted by the awe and gratitude I am feeling. I am beyond all definitions of life, happiness, love, and Truth.

I want to make it clear that this is simply my experience, described through my character, and it does not perfectly describe what I actually see and feel. Perhaps the reason for that is that Christopher seems to disappear in the moment.

Maybe we all experience it the same way, and maybe not. The key seems to be that we have the capacity to look past our expectations and desires and truly see the power and presence of what actually is. Maybe you want to take a moment now to relax, look around you, and listen to the voice in your heart that is reminding you that…

This is what is happening.